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Framed Version

Xichra's Revenge
XR Counter

The following are links to third-party Ferazel's Wand World sites:

Contains 7 Magnificent Levels

The Return
As Ferazel Searches Through the Caverns
he Begins to Realise That he Didn't do Such a Good
Mopping up job as he Thought he had...

The Search For Lazaref
Lezaref, Ferazel's brother, has been kidnapped and is in
dire need of rescue. Unravel the secrets of the Ikartidnam
and solve puzzles as you journey through the lands of Teraknorn in
The Search For Lezaref.

The Ninth Kingdom
A Massive World Put Together by Many People
(Still in beta)

Orthographic Universe
Ferazel has Come Home, Tired and Weary, From Defeating
Queen Xichra. He Finds out That All is not Right...
The Caverns Still Have Traps and are Infested With Goblins!

[OZMO's World

After the Dread Queen Xichra was destroyed, the Habnabits
continued their peaceful living. But one day, a mysterious
figure from another world entered Teraknorn. He had an
odd machine with him called "iMac DV". The figure called himself