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Xichra's Revenge
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The official Ferazel's Wand downloads section of the Ambrosia website is here.

The downloads site is here.

A few useful applications and level sets are listed below.

Name/Website Download Link Description
XR Teaser
A three-level teaser for XR. Enjoy!
The Return Here Ferazel returns from battling Xichra, to find he has to patch up Geroditus and find other Habnabits: he realises he didn't do as good a job as he thought of mopping up the Manditraki.
Dr Tall Land Here A huge (52 level in all!), complex level set.
Verrana Here Verrana boarders Teraknorn. When Ferazel returns from beating Xichra, he finds Geroditus has disappeared so he begins to search Verrana...
Basic Nothingness Here Now containing six levels in total, Basic Nothingness is better than ever before! It currently holds the title for the largest level ever, defeatng Ben Spees's original in size by a factor of two!
Extemporaneous Here Extemporaneous 0.5 contains seven magnificent levels.
Orthographic Universe Here Ferazel comes home to discover that not all is right. He stumbles upon Herazel, a scientist, who tells him a story which will lead him into the very bowels of the earth, and beyond...
MASCOT Here The entirely unsupported level editor for FW. Use at your own risk!
MSIP Here (MASCOT Slight Improvement Patch) MSIP slightly improves MASCOT. It adds built-in help to some things, and makes the dialogues movable modal, so you can switch to another app when in MASCOT.
ResEdit Here ResEdit is vital for any serious Ferazel developer: it's used to merge levels together, add sign resources and to add level names.

If you have a new World that you would like to be included on this page, please eMail the XR site administrators with the name, a link and a description, and your World will be added here.