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The XR site has (as you should be able to tell) got itself a facelift, on account of me (MDWGMalc) not having access to an OS 9 computer and so being unable to work on XR itself. Hopefully this will change soon! Have fun exploring the site and if you have any queries/compliments/hate-mail, tell it to the site admin!


Welcome, traveller, to the Official Xichra's Revenge Website. Here you will find everything to do with Xichra's Revenge - an upcoming level set for Ferazel's Wand, a game by Ambrosia Software, Inc. - including webboards, FAQs, screenshots, downloads and contact information.

Many years ago, Xichra was slain by a Habnabit named Ferazel who had never before been heard of. He had to journey through perils which would have sent even the bravest Habnabits scurrying back to their caves like mice, and yet he ventured on, through overgrown forest, rocky mountains, freezing cold lands, empty, swealteringly hot desert, burning caverns and finally he came to Xichra's Mountain.

Ferazel bribed his way into Her filthy Lair, then he battled Her for hours - his own spells being almost overwhelmed by her black magic, but Ferazel miraculously defeated the evil beast, and slowly the Habnabits became powerful once again.

Ferazel and Geroditus moved into the deceased Queen's lair, and there lived in peace for several years.

But then rumours began to circulate. Rumours which were, at first, dismissed merely as childrens' fantasies, but eventually mining expeditions set out and never returned, and soon Habnabits in their own towns were invaded by goblins who set fire to their used-to-be strongholds, slaughtering all.

All the time this was happening, Ferazel had been exploring far south in the fiery caverns, and returned just in time to find Geroditus lying sprawled on the ground in a pool of blood in his own house:

"Geroditus! Oh, no, Geroditus!" "It's... okay, Ferazel. I'm... alright, but you must make haste. The Manditraki have returned."

Now Ferazel has to escape from his own home, then explore further into the wilderness until he finally finds whoever - or whatever - is behind this evil plot...

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