How big will XR be?

When it is complete, we plan to have around fifty levels in all.

What are your currently completed levels?

The current XR level list looks like this:

Purple = Xichra's Mountain Level
Red = Fire Level
(Very) Dark Brown = Hangabit-like Level
Cyan = Ice Level
Light Grey = Labyrinth Level
Dark Grey = Cave Level
Green = Forest level
Light Brown = Sand Level
Italic = Incomplete Level

01. Return of the Manditraki
02. Burning Caves
03. Retreating
04. Going Up...
05. Hidden in the Mountains
06. Traps!
07. Forest Fire
08. The Pentagon
09. A Surprise...
10. Mysterious Shadows
11. Mirages
12. Ioioeoar
13. Habnabit Delight
14. Goblin Mines
15. Beached
16. Noid's Lair
17. Strike One...
18. Manditraki Base
19. (suggest level names please)
20. The Sand Land
21. Weird-o Shapes of Fire
22. Ice Pit
23. Climax
24. Frozen Over
25. Blocks of ICE!
26. Ice Crawl
27. Trade Land
28. Chicane Herbage
29. Warground
30. Pipe Nightmare
31. Look Out Below!
32. The Sand Land 2 1/2: Digging
33. Rebel Assault Course I
34. Rebel Assault Course II
35. ferazel's Flooded Caverns
36. Sand Castles
37. Acrid Alveolation
38. Herbal Carnage II
39. Incalescent Surges
40. Algidity
41. Frozen Lake
43. Officers' Lounge
50. Noster Specus

Can I beta test for you?

Only if you know that beta testing means going through XR and reporting all the bugs you find, not just getting a pre-release copy of our level set. If you're prepared to do that for us, eMail us.

I'm beta testing and I'm stuck! What do I do?

eMail us, tell us which Area (level) you're on, where you are in the storylines, and what your problem is.

How do I submit a question?

eMail us! Lots of answers include that, don't they?